Whole Food Nutrition Part 2: This seminar is an in depth look at Whole Food Nutrition. I cover the contents and usage of every single product from the Standard Process Product Line. This course alone will add over $1,000,000 of value to your office, and allow you to have literate and confident discussions with your patients about nutrition.

For this particular session I had some tech issues and the screen did not record. You can still hear my voice fine, but you won't see the slides as I'm going through the lecture. This is why Part 1 is properly recorded and used instead of this video. Part 1 covers all of the background information about Whole Food Nutrition and I wanted to to be able to see as much as possible during the presentation. If you fast forward this video to 48 minutes in, this is where I actually begin the lecture portion about the actual individual supplements from Standard Process. If you listened to Part 1, you already got the first 48 minutes worth of this video in more detail. Sorry for the mishap. I'll re-record it at some point. Until then, fast forward it to 48 minutes in, follow the powerpoint I have added here for you to download, and multi-task getting some chores done since there is nothing to see. The problem was fully rectified for part 3-5.