“Its amazing to me how many great ideas stem from frustrations.”
- Dr. Chris Montanaro

Take Control

Over Your Time With Your Patients, Your Continued Education, & Your Time With Your Family, All While Saving A Ton Of Money


ISN’T IT TIME That You Leverage Your Time & Money and Realize The Power Of Access At Home!

I’ve encapsulated 1000’s of hours of some of the best information from some of the best doctors and healers in the world, in one of the most comprehensive online libraries ever available.

It’s called, NOT A DOC IN THE BOX!

These Seminars & Training are the single best advantages a doctor has to help more more patients than ever before.

This Seminar & Training Library Is For You If…

Want To Spend More Time Treating & Less Time Travelling
Want To Spend More Time With Family
Want More Free Time
Want To Stay On Top Of What The Best Doctors & Healers In The World Know

BUT, here’s what I FOUND…



Most doctors feel overwhelmed at the thought of the time it will take to become competent in so many healing disciplines


Know Enough

Most doctors feel what they learned in school was the best information available and they KNOW ENOUGH to help most their patients



Most doctors don’t have the time with a busy schedule to stay on top of it all, much less master so much information


Cost & Travel Expenses

Most doctors after working and treating all week, don’t want to spend countless weekends away from home to learn the latest and greatest information available out there.

What If You COULD:

  • Stay at home & learn
  • Watch a short video during lunch
  • Save money on travel
  • Save money on seminar expenses
  • Add thousands of ways to help more people than ever before
  • Have better results with patients
  • Make more money in practice
  • Be THE doctor in town everyone knows gets results

You could easily do all of that by watching the online library I created which is unlike anything ever created before!

Imagine learning at this rate, no extra travel, expense, or extra time away from family or your practice!

Introducing NOT A DOC IN THE BOX …

Online Video Library FOR DOCTORS. I took everything I’ve learned from some of the best doctors and healers in the world, and put it into the most user friendly, comprehensive course, that even someone without a medical degree could enjoy and follow. And the library will be continually growing.

But Wait There’s MORE!

Imagine not just having 10 comprehensive, continuously updated over the shoulder modules to draw from every day, but also……

You get access to over $5000 of bonuses NOT available to anyone else!


Dr. Adam DavisDr. Adam Davis
Dr. Montanaro’s excellent teaching procedures of applied kinesiology, as well as his incredible knowledge of nutrition, perfectly combine the clinical concepts of whole health. Being a part of the next generation of great Applied Kinesiologists, you will hear of Dr. Chris Montanaro as one of the forerunners of the health profession. If you truly want to learn and understand how to not just treat but heal people, Dr. Montanaro’s seminars are a must

Position Yourself For MAXIMUM SUCCESS By Learning What I’ve Spent Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Learn, & Learn It Yourself At A Mere Fraction Of The Cost & With Much Less Time And Effort On Your Part.

Imagine taking all of this information, stripping it down to its most fundamental pieces and making it incredibly easy to learn and incorporate into your practice and life. Imagine how much simpler and more efficient and cost effective your continued education will be while working hand-in-hand together with me, instead of having to try to ‘figure’ all of this out on your own.

One of the single biggest frustrations I’ve dealt with in practice for the first few years, was the realization of how much I was not taught in school while becoming a doctor, and how much more time and money needed to be spent to be the type of doctor that had answers for his patients when no other doctors did.

You truly have nothing to lose here. The cost is nominal for what you are receiving. Nothing of its kind exists today in the marketplace. You will see that it is one of the best online consulting & training courses ever available online. And, if you can think of new and exciting ways this training can be made better or inclusive of more specific information, just ask, and it’ll be addressed, as I’m here to help in any way I can.

Dr. Chris Montanaro - Founder